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Botox Injection


co - business owner / manager

Daniel is Tarah's Husband and co owner of Aesthetics by Tarah. Dan helps with all the behind the scenes managing, planning and maintenance of the clinic. While also supporting reception on Wednesdays. Dan is also studying Nursing and is excited to be able to be hands on over the next couple years. 

Favorite Task in clinic: 

Working in front of shop having the chats and welcoming clients

Fun Facts:

Loves painting as a hobby
Dad to 7 incredible kids 
Played bag pipes growing up



Cosmetic Nurse Injector

Tarah has over 11 years experience in the medical industry as a Nurse and Cosmetic Injector. With a post graduate certificate in Intensive Care, Emergency Care, Paediatrics, Operating Theatre and the last 6 years specializing in Cosmetic Injecting.

Favourite Treatment to give clients:

Collagen Bio Stimulators

Fun Facts:

I'm a very family orientated person - I'm a Mum of 7 amazing kids!
I love summer and being outdoors
I'm all about embracing individuality - hence my tattoos, piercings and frequent hair style glow ups.

Tarah's Why

"I wanted a to work in a clinic with my besties, where we could have a space that people could feel safe to have treatments that make them feel amazing, while having a laugh and just feel good about them self". Encourage people to be there true self! embrace there qualities with no judgment! just love! 



Manager / Clinic Team Leader

Lauren is our Salon Supervisor. She has been in the beauty industry for 14 years. She absolutely loves that what we offer helps with peoples confidence.

Favourite Treatment:

Fun Facts:

Chin Sculpting/Fat Dissolving

Obsessed with my two fur babies
I'd have 100 dogs if I could
Lover of animals, crystals and plants.


Dermal Technician / Beauty Therapist

Katie is our advanced skin therapist, with over 12 years experience in the beauty industry.

Fun Facts:

Favourite Treatment:

Skin Consultations

Moved to Australia 10 years ago from Dublin, Ireland.
Completely obsessed with the Handmaids Tail.
Has a beautiful family of 3.


Dermal Technician / Beauty Therapist

New mum of a gorgeous little girl and working on returning back to my nursing studies where I can further develop my skills as a Dermal Therapist. 

Work Experience: I completed my diploma of beauty in high school and have now been working in the industry for over 6 years. 

Favourite Treatment:

Skin Needling

Fun Facts:

I own a chunky ginger cat named Phillip - 
My first job was working in my mums hairdressing salon -
I worked with Tarah and the girls at my first ever beauty job :)


Cosmetic Nurse Injector

I have been a registered nurse for almost 2 years. I have done all of my post grad work in acute mental health and finally decided to take the leap into a career of cosmetic nursing, one that I have wanted to do before applying for nursing. I have studied my cert 4 in beauty therapy also! I love making other people feel good about themselves and feel confident about the way they look. 

Favourite Treatment:

Fun Facts:

Antiwrinkle & the immediate visible results from Lip Filler

Family Orientated
Married and a mum of 3
I have the sweetest mini dashhund
Love going to the gym


Dermal Technician / Beauty Therapist

Torrie is our Skin and Beauty Therapist. She has over 6 years experience in the beauty industry.

Skin Needling! I love seeing the results that can be achieved so quickly with this treatment, especially with the right home care/products.

Favourite Treatment:

Fun Facts:

Favourite thing to do is an outing with friends and family.


Dermal Technician / Beauty Therapist

My first / high school job, I was a barista, I have been in and out of admin work for a few years and prior to covid I work in another local beauty salon. Currently Work a 9 to 5 at a local bank and then treat myself to the beauty world at Aesthetics by Tarah on Saturdays 

Favourite Treatment:

Everything, I just love making people feel good about them selves

Fun Facts:

- My partner and I are building a home together

- I love the motor racing 

- And I can not cook to save my self 

Intravenous Drip


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