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IV Therapy Hydration Lounge

Vitamin Injections & IV Therapy Infusions

Uniquely formulated Intramuscular Injections, “Booster shots” to boost your day. Ranging from Beauty, Fitness, Health & Wellness. Designed to increase focus, stress recovery and an overall enhanced sense of well-being.

We have vitamin boosters designed to cater for all individuals and your needs. From boosting your immune system after being run down and unwell, enhancing your workouts with quicker recovery times - enhancing skin, anti ageing, beauty and weight loss. 


Vitamin injections differ from daily to weekly injections depending on your needs. Injection appointments take as little as 10minutes. With a highly concentrated dose, you are receiving up to one week’s worth of vitamins in one booster shot. Intramuscular injections are also absorbed faster because muscle tissue has a greater blood supply than the tissue just under the skin and it can also hold a larger volume. This pales in comparison to taking oral vitamin supplements daily that must first filter through your digestive system and provide only 20-30% absorption. When vitamins are ingested in tablet or capsule form, they contain micro nutrients, which must disintegrate rather quickly and be released into the body within a 20 minute time period for any real efficacy.


All of our IV's require a medical prescription with our Doctor - Our nurses will organize this during your first IV Therapy Appointment. This will incur an additional fee of $35 and last 12 months. 


Simply Hydration - $70

500ml Hartmanns Solution

Simply Hydration - $100

1000ml Hartmanns Solution 


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Up Grade / ADD in Menu

Up Grade / ADD in Menu for IV Infusions

Add in additional Vitamins

*Stock availability may change & some Vitamins cannot be mixed with other vitamins - please confirm with our nurse and reception for stock levels

Iv lounge -.HEIC

Vitamin C 15g = $75

Vitamin C 30g = $140

B Complex = $40

Activated B12 = $60

Red Racer = $50

Glutathione = $30

Magnesium= $20

NAD + = $60

Zinc = $25

RCVR = $75

Slim Down $60

Lysine = $300

*** Lysine must be pre paid and pre ordered - gives 6 treatments and have 6 weeks to use it ***

Must be Pre-Paid & Pre ordered.

If you would like one of the following booster shots please talk to reception. These Boosters will be ordered and stored in clinic. you will have 6 weeks to use them / it. 

Brain Fuel $120

3 Treatment - exp after 6 weeks

Gains and Gains $200

5 treatments - exp after 6 weeks

Biotin $175

5 treatments - exp after 6 weeks

Calm your Farm $200

5 treatments - exp after 6 weeks

Energy Boost $100

1 Treatment - exp after 6 weeks


Available Daily 

(Please note we order these Booster shots regularly, however on the odd occasion we may be out of stock due to a supply and demand issue through our compounding pharmacy or there may be delays in deliveries. Please check in with Reception if you wish to confirm your booster shot is in stock.

Red Racer $50

Vitamin C $20

Slim Down $60

Activated B12 $60

NAD ++ $90

RCVR Shot $75$45




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