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Vitamin Injections & IV Therapy Infusions

Uniquely formulated Intramuscular Injections, “Booster shots” to boost your day. Ranging from Beauty, Fitness, Health & Wellness. Designed to increase focus, stress recovery and an overall enhanced sense of well-being.

We have vitamin boosters designed to cater for all individuals and your needs. From boosting your immune system after being run down and unwell, enhancing your workouts with quicker recovery times - enhancing skin, anti ageing, beauty and weight loss. 


Vitamin injections differ from daily to weekly injections depending on your needs. Injection appointments take as little as 10minutes. With a highly concentrated dose, you are receiving up to one week’s worth of vitamins in one booster shot. Intramuscular injections are also absorbed faster because muscle tissue has a greater blood supply than the tissue just under the skin and it can also hold a larger volume. This pales in comparison to taking oral vitamin supplements daily that must first filter through your digestive system and provide only 20-30% absorption. When vitamins are ingested in tablet or capsule form, they contain micro nutrients, which must disintegrate rather quickly and be released into the body within a 20 minute time period for any real efficacy.


Simply Hydration - $50

500ml Hartmanns Solution or 0.9% of normal saline

Ultimate Drip - $90

Vitamin C + Vitamin B

500ml Hartmanns Solution or 0.9% of normal saline

Athletic Cocktail - $110

Magnesium + Vitamin C + Vitamin B +

500ml Hartmanns Solution or 0.9% of normal saline

Immunity IV - $150

Vitamin C + Vitamin B + Glutathione + Zinc +

500ml Hartmanns Solution or 0.9% of normal saline



Activated B12 - $40

Vitamin C - $20

BCAAs - $25

B Complex - $40

Biotin Beauty - $40

Brain Fuel - $20

Calm Your Farm - $30

Energy Boost - $60

Gains & Gains - $40

Lip Saver - $50

Max  Performance - $50

Muscle Rehab - $40

Plump it up - $30

Red Racer - $45

Slim Down - $60

Shred - $30

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